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    Price From: $35.60
    This resplendent group of exquisite rugs has something for everyone. It features traditional, transitional and contemporary designs in a variety of color combinations. This versatile collection is ideal for a range of interiors and infuses a dynamic element into any setting that is sure to inspire conversation.100% Opulon (50% Polypropylene, 50% Acrylic) � Powerloomed Learn More


    Price From: $499.10
    Hand-tufted by expert artisans using a special blend of the highest quality Chinese wools, these rugs have the softest of hands and a shine that is unsurpassed. Many New Wave designs feature hand carving for added depth and a Tibetan-like weave, mos tly found in hand-knotted rugs, but expertly achieved in these hand-tufted pieces. Learn More
  3. Royal on Dudley

    Royal on Dudley

    Price From: $49.00
    Royal is an elegant collection of traditional designs in a power-loomed construction of soft polypropylene. Old world motifs adorn these densely plush pieces that will add a rich touch to any dcor. Learn More
  4. Peshawar Oriental Rug Kafkaz 215 - 8'9" x 12'0"

    Peshawar Oriental Rug Kafkaz 215 - 8'9" x 12'0"

    This hand knotted heirloom masterpiece is an elegant design with rich palettes that reflects generations of artisan workmanship. It is rich with classic motifs. Learn More


    Price From: $50.00
    Features modern abstract designs in rich colors and hand carved for additional texture, depth and dimension. These rugs provide both beauty and value. Make a statement and express your creativity instantly with this collection. 100% Opulon� (50% Polypropylene, 50% Acrylic) .�Powerloomed Learn More
  6. Stratus Design Hand-Woven Rug

    Stratus Design Hand-Woven Rug

    Price From: $49.00
    In the world of design and dcor, the individual pieces that are brought together to create a balanced environment can be likened to a scientist using the Periodic Table of Elements to form balanced compounds and substances. And if Amers Elements collection were part of the Periodic Table, it would definitely be a most stable isotope. The Elements collection of shag rugs continues to be a perennial favorite at Amer. Silky polyester fiber of varying diameters is offered to fit nearly any design environment, and with a color palette that will satisfy equally well, the Elements collection is the piece of the puzzle that draws a room together. The Elements collection is off-the-charts good. Learn More
  7. Kimia #3

    Kimia #3

    Price From: $132.60
    Sparkling with an incomparable and flawless beauty, each of the radiant rugs found within the Banshee collection crafts a look that is sure to shine, updating your space in a sense of elegance and refinement that will be the envy of any it encounters! Hand Tufted in 100% New Zealand wool, the perfect pieces found within this divine collection, with their viscose accents and striking coloring, will effortlessly envelope your space in a sense of chic charm. Learn More
  8. Enhance - 3

    Enhance - 3

    Price From: $49.00
    This striking collection features sleek, graphic designs and thrilling contemporary color palettes for an effect that is eye-catchingly yet effortlessly chic. Beautifully crafted from a lustrous and easy-to-care-for polyester with a dense, loop pile for an intricately detailed texture, these exciting rugs boast a lasting quality with a look and feel that are nothing short of sensational.100% Polyester � 650 gram loop pile Learn More
  9. Solid Pattern Polyester Shag Rug #21

    Solid Pattern Polyester Shag Rug #21

    Price From: $62.10
    Personal expression reaches new heights with Flux, a beautiful range of plush, hand-woven shag rugs of 100% polyester. This chameleon is ideal for the contemporary design lover who enjoys mixing up his or her personal space often acting as a rich background to a diverse palette of furnishings and accessories. Highly textured shag construction brings comfort underfoot while a palette of fashionforward solid hues commands attention in any room. Learn More
  10. Niloufar #2

    Niloufar #2

    Price From: $1,862.40
    With designs ranging from the comfort of classic to the tempting elements of current trend, the Mugal collection is sure to possess the perfect addition to your space. Hand knotted in 100% Semi Worsted New Zealand wool, each of this utterly divine pieces incorporates a sense of vibrant color that brilliantly blends with chic pattern to fashion a truly flawless look from room to room within any home decor. Learn More
  11. Strata - 3

    Strata - 3

    Price From: $179.00
    With their kinetic graphic designs and striking two-tone color palettes, these stylish rugs bring a subtle and sophisticated surge of energy to any area interior. Expertly crafted from an outstanding to the look and touch over-tuft wool/viscose blend, this contemporary chic collection is certain to steal the spotlight. Learn More
  12. Peshawar Oriental Rug Kafkaz 2371

    Peshawar Oriental Rug Kafkaz 2371, 6X9

    This hand knotted heirloom masterpiece is an elegant design with rich palettes that reflects generations of artisan workmanship It is rich with classic motifs. Learn More
  13. Monaco-Sisal Flat Weave

    Monaco-Sisal Flat Weave

    Price From: $149.00
    Everything old is new again with the Monaco Sisal collection. These simple designs blend in effortlessly with any contemporary decor and is made to last in any home. It's luxurious look and unique texture are combined to add a beautiful touch to your room decor. Learn More
  14. Maze - 01

    Maze - 01

    Price From: $149.00
    These striking flatweave rugs feature exciting colors and an interlocking geometric pattern for a look that is tantalizing, fashion-forward and trendy. Made of wool and cotton, the two-tone color palette is versatile as well as appealing and sure to be the focal point of any room. Learn More
  15. ELEMENTS-ELE03-BROWN 5'6" x 7'5"

    ELEMENTS-ELE03-BROWN 5'6" x 7'5"

    Artistic designs expertly hand-made and hand-carved for textured, embossed and shadow effects. These �sculptured� patterns on premium quality wool rugs create a truly unique focal point, essential for any stylish room setting.100% Premium Wool � Hand-loomed Learn More
  16. Nature 6550  Red

    Nature 6550 Red

    Price From: $75.00
    Inspired by the majesty of the forest, featuring earthy colors and finely detailed scenes of nature. Created in shades of brown with highlights of red, green and blue, this bear is sure to grab your attention. This runner is the perfect choice to bring the outdoors inside. It is constructed from 100% polypropylene for lasting quality. This runner is available in two sizes for versatility. Learn More
  17. Dream on Exeter

    Dream on Exeter

    Price From: $49.00
    Elegant damask, soft geometrics and abstract elements combine for a beautiful transitional collection. Dream is power-loomed of the softest polypropylene and features a drop-stitch technique which adds depth and texture. Machine-finished. Learn More
  18. Encore on Dudley

    Encore on Dudley

    Price From: $69.00
    Exquisite old world designs presented in monochromatic color stories, Encore suites the desires of the new traditionalists. Featuring a well-crafted one million point machine-made quality, Encore adds richness and warmth elevating any sophisticated environment. Made in Egypt, 100% polypropylene fibers. Learn More


    Price From: $287.60
    Enhance any interior with this elegant collection of eclectic traditional and transitional rugs. The designs have a high level of sophistication and are luxurious and fashion forward. Complement any dcor instantly with these marvelous and exciting rugs.100% New Zealand Wool � Powerloomed Learn More


    Price From: $778.10
    Traditional designs blend with modern colors to give the Palace collection its unique appeal. Hand-knotted of 100% wool, this collection has an extremely soft hand and a gently tea wash, giving it a truly antique feel. Learn More
  21. Peshawar Oriental Rug Kafkaz - 8'0" x 10'3"

    Peshawar Oriental Rug Kafkaz - 8'0" x 10'3"

    This hand knotted heirloom masterpiece is an elegant design with rich palettes that reflects generations of artisan workmanship. It is rich with classic motifs. Learn More


    Price From: $175.00
    Traditional Persian designs, delicate or bold, are meticulously hand-hooked, for subtle shading and intricate detail. Vivid jewel tones and warm neutrals enhance each piece, and provide a wealth of coordination options for the space. Learn More
  23. Gabe - Brown 3'10"x5'06" Contemporary

    Gabe - Brown 3'10"x5'06"

    This handmade rug was meticulously crafted by skilled weavers who tied each and every knot on this masterpiece. While more expensive than your average rug, the increased price is reflected in the supreme quality and enduring durability of this piece of art. These rugs were made to be passed down, from generation to generation. Learn More
  24. Mahin #28

    Mahin #28

    Price From: $369.60
    Elegance, sophistication, and grace are just a few words that define the radiant rugs found within the flawless Caesar collection . Hand Tufted in 100% wool, the timelessness found within each of these perfect pieces embodies a classic charm that has been revered for generations, and that will truly emanate a sense of warmth from room to room within any home decor. Learn More

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