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  1. Nasim


    Price From: $102.60
    Unique in size and shape, yet vibrant in a bright, bold coloring, each of the flawless rugs found within the Geometric collection will surely become the focal point to your space. Hand tufted in 100% wool and stacked one divine color atop another, each of these perfect create a sense of matchless trend will leave any which it encounters envious of its dazzling charm. Learn More
  2. Nafiseh #295

    Nafiseh #295

    Price From: $345.60
    Adding each of the flawless elements found within truly divine design, the smooth sophistication emanating from each of the radiant rugs within the Frontier collection will create the perfect look for your space. Hand woven in 100% wool, the exquisite patterns and vibrant coloring splashed across each perfect piece will surely redefine your room, fashioning a sense of chic and captivating charm in any home decor. Learn More
  3. Maryam #16

    Maryam #16

    Price From: $345.60
    With a look that is sure to remain a timeless part of your home d�cor for years to come, the flawless rugs found within the Cosmopolitan collection offer an exquisite addition from room to room within any home d�cor. Hand tufted in 100% polyester, these perfect pieces not only possess a durable construction type, but also brilliantly blend elements of trend through their unique patterns and color with a series of scintillating shades found within each. Learn More
  4. Kobra #42

    Kobra #42

    Price From: $419.40
    Creating a dazzling design that will not only update you space, but take it to a spot by the sea, the flawless rugs found within the Boardwalk collection by Somerset Bay are sure to redefine your space, crafting the look you've been searching for! Hand woven in 100% wool, the fusion of striking coral and vibrant patterns highlighting each of these perfect pieces will effortlessly shine from room to room within any home decor. Learn More
  5. Griot - 802

    Griot - 802

    Price From: $69.00
    The Griot CollectionTurn in this powerful and mysterious collection named for the celebrated Griot, an African story teller, poet or historian who often tell their stories through music. In richly saturated shades inspired by the rare beauty and rich history of the Ivory Coast, these rugs create an air of splendor and excitement. Featuring a unique space dying technique for a dramatic depth and dimension and flat woven from a luxurious wool for a superb softness, these enthralling floor coverings are sure to capture everyone�s undivided attention.Space dyed � 95% Wool, 5% Polyester � Handmade Learn More
  6. Sequoia


    Price From: $199.00
    100% New Zealand WoolThis collection is defined by texture informing beauty. The yarns are expertly spun in varying thickness and linearly for a superior handmade construction. Born of the finest raw materials, this New Zealand Wool rug�s subtle pleating color palette offers a luxurious floor covering. Learn More
  7. Natural Textured Jute Area Rug #8

    Natural Textured Jute Area Rug #8

    Price From: $57.96
    Simple patterns in two color combinations are used to create this collection of chunky woven jute rugs. Hardy and durable these fringed rug enhance both rustic and modern home environments. Learn More

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7 Item(s)