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Raha #536

Raha #536
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Price From: $69.60
Embodying countless elements of current trend flawlessly fused with divine design to fashion a truly exquisite look for your space, you simply cannot go wrong with the addition of any of the radiant rugs found within the Mystique collection to your space. With a series of pristine pattern ranging from geometric to classic, these perfect pieces encompass the time honored tradition of hand made design while maintaining an affordability that make each an refined and elegant center piece for your home decor.

PRODUCT Information

SKU sury-M5306-p
Color Black
Catalog No 144915
Care Instructions To ensure for a more lasting quality, steps must be taken during care and cleaning to protect the durability of your polished piece. High powered vacuums, more often than not, pull out of the back of rugs, causing sprouts and a generally unattractive appe
Construction Hand Loomed
Style Traditional
Country of Origin India
Feature 1 Charcoal
Material 100% Wool
Theme Man Cave